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High Level Help

May 30, 2011 at 5:40 PM

I am not sure I am in the correct forum or not but looking for some very high level help in being able to install/configure IronRuby with Visual Studio C# 2010   Express

If I am not in the incorrect forum can you please point me to where I should be as have not had much luck with what I have found so far.
My goal is to be able enter Ruby code within C# (or C++ if necessary) via an IDE   and compile an executable - not worried about 1.92 compatibility at this point.
Also not worried about getting Ruby code to compile, just to ensure I have the correct environment.

Basically trying to get a IronRuby working under Visual Studio C# 2010 and am getting buried in documentation.  My initial questions are

1) Does the Express Version of C# support IronRuby or must it be the professional version - also do I need the SDK as it will not install (for me) for  the Express version

2) Most of IronRuby documentation I find is for C# 2008 Is C# 2010 supported in the same manner. Note removed C# 2008 as first documentation I found that made sense was for C# 2010

3) Have installed IronRuby 1.1.2 (using Ruby 1.92) which as near as I can determine contains the DLR dlls

  a) Do I need to compile the DLR source ???

  b) IronRuby 1.1.2 does not appear to contain the tools??  What are they - ie the project names or binary names?

  c) Do I need IronRuby Editor or just use the C# IDE

Have not had much luck with the tutorials or documentation I have found as a lot is for wrong version  of C# or is  a couple of years old.
Hopefully with answers to these basic questions can be confident in the direction I take. 


Thanks RustySamDog